Ameritube recently completed an order of 4,665 pieces C44300 Admiralty Brass 3/4″ x .065″ MW x 30′. The job was partially made overseas. Our customer, was price sensitive but was looking for a way to minimize the risk.  Ameritube offered to both purchase tubes overseas and manufacture tubes here in the US.

Overseas tubes came in containers in 10,000 lb. boxes, which Ameritube unloaded, re-eddy current tested and turned into bundles. 16 tubes were found to be have dents or holes which Ameritube replaced with its own product.  This combination of price and quality is seldom found, since Ameritube is capable to not just provide low pricing, but verify quality and provide reliability by replacing failed tubes.

Finally, Ameritube brings its manufacturing abilities to each job, whether manufactured here in the USA to ensure quality and oversight, or manufactured abroad to take advantage of lower pricing for commodity goods.  Its important to have a partner that reviews your copper, nickel, steel and stainless alloy tubing needs and


Click on the links for more information about C44300 Admiralty Brass or heat exchange applications, you can also review the alloy data sheet here: