Check out the below video to learn more about the cleaning of tubes and heat exchanger bundles by Dunn Heat Exchangers, one of our customers.

“Clean heat exchangers equate to tremendous energy savings, according to the U. S. Department of Energy. Scale deposits from magnesium, calcium and silica (from the water supply) form a layer on heat exchangers. Layers of deposits insulate the exchangers and slow down heat transfer, causing the exchangers to overheat or fail, reducing energy efficiency and causing more wear and tear on the system.  The Northwest Food Processors Association identifies soot as another cause of deposit build-up. Fuel oil combustion deposits as well as coal or wood waste can melt onto heat transfer surfaces. Once these deposits have melted, they can form a glass-like insulating layer that’s difficult to remove. The association recommends reducing fuel costs by regularly cleaning heat exchangers to prevent fouling, which is often caused by a dirty, malfunctioning burner. Inspect heat exchangers at least once per year and clean them when they look dirty. Inefficient heat exchange is caused by scale and sediment buildup. A heat exchanger tube cleaner from Goodway can quickly eliminate the problem. Goodway offers a variety of tools to remove scale and other build-up so your heat exchanger can operate at optimal level.” – 

An important part of the heat exchanger maintenance process is making sure your units are clean and free from buildup caused by years of use.  Every application, material, medium, and transfer is different so its important to understand the buildup on C70600 Copper Nickel versus Stainless Steel, or C44300 Admiralty Brass versus Monel 400.  Further, its important that once the tube and heat exchanger bundle is cleaned, you turn to the right people to repair those units and replace tubes where necessary.

Just like the maintenance of your water heater at home, the materials and parts all have a useful life and performance.  Depending on the environment, you may want more heat transfer or more corrosion resistance.  The quality of your heat transfer and the longevity of the unit will be limited by the build up of medium on the tube or at the joint between the tube and the tube sheet.  To clean and repair those units, contact customers of Ameritube like Dunn Heat Exchangers, to find the tubes for your application, contact Ameritube.