Check out this graphical demonstration of how a shell and tube heat exchanger works. Whether the materials are copper-nickel, admiralty brass, carbon steel, or 316L stainless steel. Check out the information from the Aerotherm post below:

“Modelling a shell and tube heat exchanger is simple with hashtag#Simcenter STAR-CCM+. In this example, we simulated a dry-start for such a heat exchanger. Coldwater entered the tubes at 20 °C and hot water entered the shell side at 100 °C. Slight pressurisation ensures that the water doesn’t boil, and the model predicts the dry-start behaviour as well as the resultant outlet temperatures. The tubes were included explicitly and meshed with the innovative ‘Thin Mesher’ in STAR-CCM+. So convection, conduction, and thermal capacitance of the solid tube materials were all simulated. Using this approach, we can accurately predict and optimise heat exchanger designs. #heatexchanger #heatexchangers #thermal #modelling #siemens #computationalfluiddynamics #Aerotherm

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