One of our heat exchanger customers received two small units with C44300 Admiralty Brass units right before new year.  The tubes inside were C44300 Admiralty Brass 3/8″ x .035″ x 4′ long.  Unfortunately, there was no one who could help them in a short time frame.  Working with the customer to understand their needs, delivery requirements and specifications, Ameritube put in the extra time to get the job done in 3 days.  Drawing the tube from existing stock.  The nearest competitor priced the tubes 20% more.

This is the simplest reason to choose Ameritube for your copper nickel 90/10, Copper Nickel 70/30, and C44300 Admiralty Brass.  Ameritube is able to convert material quickly to provide hard to find sizes and lengths for lower prices.  Dealing with a regular copper or copper-nickel distributor leaves you unsatisfied, unless its a common size like 3/4″ x .065″ minimum wall admiralty brass tube, or 5/8″ x .049″ 90/10 copper nickel, you will have to wait for a mill to deliver the product to you in 12 weeks.

Ameritube makes the investment in raw material in these speciality alloys so that you don’t have to.  Ameritube combines that investment with a further investment in equipment and people to customize that product for you and deliver a level of quality not found anywhere else. This combination of local stock and local manufacture enables customization on a larger scale, with an eye towards transparency and quality control.

If you are able to plan out your demand for these alloys, working with Ameritube can minimize your stockouts, allow you to keep less inventory and minimize the one-time costs for hard to find items.  Working with Ameritube gets you those hard to get sizes at lower prices!

Admiralty brass information can be found at as well.