Over the last three years Ameritube has expanded its product line to include both seamless and welded tube and pipe for heat transfer applications. Our expanded product line can be found below:



Copper AlloysCarbon SteelStainless SteelNickel Alloys
C12200SA 179SA213 TP304Alloy 200
C23000SA213 T2SA213 TP316Alloy 276
C44300SA213 T5SA213 TP321Monel 400
C68700SA213 T9SA213 TP347Monel 405
C70600SA213 T11SA 268Alloy 600
C71500SA213 T12SA 249Alloy 625
C72200SA213 T22SA 789Alloy 800
Alloy 825

  Leveraging our manufacturing, testing, and market expertise, Ameritube has expanded our supply chain infrastructure to deliver more products for our customers. By adding personnel overseas, performing on site inspections and audits, and handling a project from start to finish, our customers have seen incredible savings while maintaining quality requirements. Our customers have to compete on the global stage, but doing so require maintaining their competitive advantage in quality and reliability, something that differentiates their product offering beyond price. Similarly, they can’t purchase products from just any supplier with a low unit price from the other side of the world. Reliability and trust are built on information, getting that information from the people on the ground is our expertise.