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Quality Assurance

Ameritube maintains an ISO 9001:2008 quality system developed internally and audited by Bureau Veritas and many of our customers.  The system is comprised of both procedures that govern the way we do business from our sales, accounting and management controls all the way down to the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for each and every piece of equipment, test and the like.  Our personnel are trained to these procedures, our equipment is calibrated and maintained internally and through certified third party vendors and we have developed end to end procedures for our suppliers and 3rd party vendors.

At Ameritube, our quality system has been woven into everything we do, from the travellers that track each and every job, the reporting to management, the yield loss calculations, and the quality testing by our NDT certified operators.  Ameritube believes that our quality system and innovation around processes and products is the difference between American manufacturing and our overseas competitors.  We can tell the story of your tube, from raw material to finished product, and that traceability, that attention to detail, is the difference between successful installation and failure.

We are not so naive that we believe there is no yield loss, failure or mistakes, however, its our experience, traceability, and attention to detail that identifies those mistakes early on, before they impact your business and bottom line.  That attitude starts and finishes with our quality system.