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Ameritube is a worldwide company with offices in the US and South Korea specializing in the processing, distribution, and manufacture of copper alloy tubing products related to the heat transfer and heat exchange industry.

Ameritube consulting professionals have over 30 years of combined experience in international sourcing and procurement. They have worked with a variety of Fortune 500 companies such as Exxon, Valero, Vertiv Corporation, Dow Chemical, Dupont, General Motors, Ford, General Electric, and others to procure a variety of parts and materials.


Ameritube_Brochure     Marine_Brochure    Copper Specs     Nickel Specs    


   DHPCopper     Red Brass     admiralty-brass     cuni-70600    cu-ni_71500


marine pipes     butt weld     bell end     flanges

Alloy 200   Alloy 400  Alloy 600   Alloy 625  Alloy 800  Alloy 825

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