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Ameritube LLC


Founded in 2004, Ameritube LLC was a solution to a problem a group of auto industry professionals were facing, How can a company reliably source products overseas and maintain the quality standards expected in the United States. The answer was to develop a metal manufacturing, testing, consulting, quality intensive presence in the US. Together with industry professionals, customers and suppliers, Ameritube developed a new supply chain that leveraged overseas raw material, domestic custom manufacturing, and domestic distribution. The founding mission of the company was to create a high quality domestic product that utilized raw materials from all over the world thereby creating a hybrid model.

In 2012, Ameritube LLC received ISO 9001:2008 quality certification, and expanded to a series of industries with higher quality requirements. Ameritube began expanding its product line and services to include complimentary products to ones manufactured in our facility in order to service our customers needs. In so doing, the company was able to apply to bring its rigorous quality and sourcing process to other products that our overseas suppliers had become proficient in and our customers needed.

Today Ameritube continues its goal of delivering quality products at competitive prices, leveraging an international supply chain to deliver value to our customers.