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ASME SA213 T9 Seamless Chrome Moly Heater Tubing

SA213 chrome moly tubing is made from a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel, which offers remarkable strength, high-temperature resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance. This tubing is specifically designed to withstand elevated temperatures and high-pressure conditions, making it ideal for applications in power generation, petrochemical, and refineries.

Chemical Composition % Of SA213 T9 Alloy Steel Tube
C, %
Mn, %
P, %
S, %
Si, %
Cr, %
Mo, %
0.15 max
0.025 max
0.025 max

 SA213 T9 tubing is a seamless ferritic alloy steel tubing that meets the specifications of ASTM A213. It is specifically designed for high-temperature applications, offering excellent strength, corrosion resistance, and thermal stability.

The composition of SA213 T9 tubing includes chromium and molybdenum, which impart its remarkable properties. The presence of chromium enhances its corrosion resistance, protecting the tubing from oxidation and corrosion in various environments. The addition of molybdenum enhances its high-temperature strength, creep resistance, and resistance to thermal fatigue.

SA213 T9 tubing exhibits exceptional mechanical properties, including high tensile strength, yield strength, and hardness. It maintains its structural integrity even under elevated temperatures, ensuring reliable performance in demanding conditions.

The seamless construction of SA213 T9 tubing eliminates the risk of weak points associated with welded tubing, enhancing its durability and resistance to stress corrosion cracking. It also ensures smooth internal surface finish, minimizing pressure drop and facilitating efficient fluid flow.

SA213 T9 tubing is commonly used in high-temperature applications such as boilers, superheaters, heat exchangers, and reheaters in power plants. It is also utilized in the petrochemical, refinery, and chemical processing industries for applications involving corrosive environments and elevated temperatures.

Mechanical Properties Of SA213 T9 Alloy Steel Tube
Tensile Strength , MPa
Yield Strength, MPa
Elongation, %
Hardness, HB
415 min
205 min
30 min
179 max



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SA213 T9 tubing, made from a chromium-molybdenum alloy steel, offers excellent properties that make it suitable for various industrial applications. Here are some common uses and applications of SA213 T9 tubing:

  1. Power Generation: SA213 T9 tubing is extensively used in power plants for applications such as boiler tubes, superheater tubes, and reheater tubes. It exhibits high-temperature strength, excellent corrosion resistance, and good creep resistance, making it ideal for withstanding the demanding conditions of power generation processes.

  2. Petrochemical Industry: SA213 T9 tubing finds application in the petrochemical industry for heat exchangers, process piping, and other equipment handling high temperatures and corrosive environments. Its resistance to oxidation and corrosion, along with its strength, make it well-suited for these applications.

  3. Refineries: SA213 T9 tubing is utilized in refineries for applications like cracking units, coker units, and distillation columns. Its ability to withstand high temperatures, pressure, and corrosive environments makes it suitable for these critical operations.

  4. Chemical Processing: SA213 T9 tubing is employed in chemical plants for various processes involving the handling of corrosive chemicals and high temperatures. It finds application in reactors, heat exchangers, and piping systems, ensuring reliable performance and longevity.

  5. Heat Exchangers: SA213 T9 tubing is widely used in heat exchangers across different industries, including oil and gas, chemical, and power generation. Its high thermal conductivity, excellent corrosion resistance, and strength make it an ideal choice for efficient heat transfer applications.