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Manufacturing Companies Actively Hiring

“The latest Thomas Industrial Survey assessing the ongoing impacts of COVID-19 on North American manufacturing revealed that companies are rethinking their supply chains and operation tactics to prepare for the new normal:

  • Supply Chain Shifts: Two in three (69%) manufacturing companies are looking into bringing production to North America (compared to 54% in February).
  • Hiring Trends: 38% of the companies surveyed are actively hiring. Our data also shows that industries that adopted more apprenticeship programs were overall less impacted by the lack of skilled labor available.
  • Interest in Automation: More than half of the companies surveyed also reported that they meet or exceed the industry standard for automation, with 55% of the participants being likely to very likely to invest in Production Performance Automation in the next 12 months.
  • Confidence in the Future: 91% of the respondents believe the North American manufacturing sector can recover from the pandemic.”

Manufacturing companies are #hiring, so is Ameritube#madeinusa and #reshoring continues to accelerate in manufacturing as covid 19 wreaks havoc on international #supplychain.

Ameritube is hiring in Hillsboro, TX, you can learn more here!

Founded in 2004, Ameritube began operations with a core group of managers and employees dedicated to rehabilitating a manufacturing facility and producing a viable and sustainable domestic manufacturing business. Ameritube takes two things very seriously, quality and the made in the USA label.

Ameritube is a growing company where individuals are valued for their loyalty and hard work. Compensation is competitive. Opportunities for advancement are available as the company will continue to grow and new opportunities will develop. The people growing with the company will benefit disproportionately since their knowledge and understanding of the company and its processes will be very valuable in the company’s continued growth

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